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Carmen de Burgos. Colombine

Carmen de Burgos y Seguí Colombine (Níjar, Almería,19 de diciembre de1867 – Madrid, 8 de octubre de 1932), es considerada como la primera mujere periodista profesional de España. Además importante escritora, traductora y feminista. El paseo marítimo de Almería lleva su nombre en justo reconocimiento a una de las más ilustres personalidades que ha dado nuestra provincia. Para saber más pincha aquí.

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Versión Original en Castellano: La mujer moderna y sus derechos.

Editorial Sempere. Valencia. 1927.Tomado de la Edición digital Facsimil en la Biblioteca Digital de la Diputación Provincial de Almería. Hay versión impresa reciente en Editorial Biblioteca Nueva, S.L. Madrid.2007 .Edición y estudio introductorio de Pilar Ballarín.

En 1929 Cristóbal de Castro(*) la considera "la Summa feminista, el Corpus Juris y aún el Corpus societatis, el Libro, por antonomasia, de la Mujer. Carmen de Burgos, la escritora más dotada,más preparada, de cuantas en España abordan el Feminismo,encierra en la Mujer moderna y sus derechos,todo un caudal de hechos y doctrinas.
La aportación de sus talentos y experiencias va de la Historia a la Estadística, de la Psicología a la Fisiología,del Hogar al Código, con el paso firme y ligero del habituado. Es un periplo feminista rico en datos, jugoso de observaciones, amenizado por anécdotas,copioso de paisajes y lecturas.”

(*) Ángela Sánchez Pérez.Colombine. S/A. ¿2010? pág. 40. http://www.historiamujeres.es/vidas/Colombine_por_ASP.pdf Consultada el 1 de enero de 2014.

EXTENSIÓN. . 325 Páginas. División en Capítulos y estos en epigrafes.

Proceso de traducciones: Inglés (Hasta primer punto y aparte de la página 12). Francés. ( Hasta el último punto y seguido de la página 8).

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3 Párrafos Iniciales. Carmen Romero Márquez y Raquel Rull Morales. 2º Bachillerato. IES Alhamilla. Primavera de 2014 / Hasta primer punto y  aparte de lapágina 12 Caridad Tortosa Rodriguez. 4º ESO IES Alhamilla. 2015-16.

(page 7)

It is carrying out, in front of our eyes, one of those deep evolutions that transform the society and those that doesn’t realise of those that suffer the shok of the new elements, that drag everything that had been useful as a base to make ideas and feelings.

If beginnings of christianity marks a new era, and the french revolution is the beginning of an age, it can’t be a doubt that Big War, that explode in 1914, marks the beginning of a new historic period and removes deeply beginnings and manners.

We are in the moment in which things are knocked down more than built; in which old materials are caught to build with them and they break between the hans; the accurate moment to prepare in front of a future that tries to broke with the past, in a overflowing, so impetuous when the obstacles they get oppose gets bigger.

(page 7-8)

In the middle of bewildering, from the vagueness, in that whole stirring with the longing the renovation insatiable which accompanies to the humility during all pos peregrinaje for land, the woman appears troubled,mpre intensely because it is in her more seeks transformation. There's something about the sick woman which operates in cataract and the took the bandage to broad sun, leaving it exposed glare and the blindness.

(page 8)

Carmen de Burgos. Colombine. 1913. Antes de ir a Buenos Aires (Argentina) La_Mujer_Moderna_Colombine

 Althougt exist already a large most of woman prepared of the mission social in the world from the postwar period must play, it needs a most carefully for not spoil the fruit at the time from adaptation, we could say from transplant, where as the tree loses its leaves and conserved the yolks to be given new outbreak, the woman should miss the false trash from preconceptions, false ideas and custom arbitrary, preserving what the noble and fundamental that in is nature, the what it constitutes orientation.

The bas is in the law, in the proclamation from the “ Equal from right”.

The custom have evolved much in favour of the woman. What is needed it is Codes running according to customs and aren't intending fix the life in texts still.

You can say we go through a period analogical to the woman romans when they got in the customs a degree of freedom, from equality with the men and until of preponderance, who haven't overcome even the states more feminist the Nort America.

They aren’t worried of the situation in the Code, they aren’t discussed; it was all action and feminism, what we can call practical, and all disappeared with the Empire without trace. The influence of faded customs and was only written law, which has stamp to mark served as slave women for so many centuries.

You need the freedom won in the customs is guaranteed by the laws. It must be fixed in a definitive way the true concept of feminism. Few doctrines have been fought and so poorly understood. It was dropped on feminism, only deserved disrepute behavior of some women who didn’t understand it’s significance, and campaigns of men and women who ridiculed the fighting for the liberation of a part of humanity.

The first major conquest of feminism was to make to be taken seriously, to crease the easy jokes and jokes in bad taste, that eminent supporters of the liberation of women declare and define clearly that feminism means: SOCIAL WORKING PARTY TO ACHIEVE JUSTICE ISN’T ENSLAVE HALF OF MANKING, IN PREJUDICE OF ALL. Left word feminism concept imbalances and absurdities, the idea of female hegemony and danger to society.

Rarely can shut an idea in the narrow mold of a definition and less feminism, which has broad exceptions and more actions doctrine, to secure the release of women and improve their condition in order to guarantee their individual rights in the name of the principle of human rights and in the interest of the community, to more easily perform their mission with the benefit of the two halves that make it up: So, feminism holds as the most impure doctrine of freedom and justice and as a work principles, entails a great social utility.

The word that has been designated this movement and this doctrine is of French origin and is attributed to Fourier, the great defender of women in your system express the conviction that human progress is in direct proportion to the privileges and the social influence that females can develop.

No way I would mean by that word a desire for sex reversal of functions, much less the desire for equality, which makes it impossible nature.

Accepted the world feminism to designate the cause of women’s liberation, according to their nature, bad faith discredited and even presented feminism sometimes like a terrible thing, capable of dissolving the society, and sometimes as something ridiculous and risible, he didn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

With the desire to find a new, less controversial word to describe the just aspirations of women, there were those who called him Humanism, without making this name universalized.

Really the issue is trivial in the background. The word feminism is called to leave soon used, without seeking any replacing it, as with the word chauvinism. Governed achieved justice for the two halves of the human race, there isn’t need to make that distinction, which he has forced to search for a word that represents the vindication of women.

The word is but the representative sing of the problem that stirred with in society and that isn’t one of those we might call side, because they don’t affect more than a certain number of individuals or because they are born of conventionality. Feminism exists, independent of the will, and it includes society in general. Born of injustice, discomfort, that part of humanity suffers. It can only be resolved by resetting the integrity of justice for all are guaranteed their right.

So we see that feminism isn’t just a theory, but a fact. It represents the desire for freedom of the oppressed and abused women. Although it’s origin is ancient periods in which there has worsened over the fight and discomfort, especially since further development of culture, and the generalization of the critical, they make that a lot of women come out of the morass of indifference and deceit of gallantry.

The modern air, which stoken the fire, cme from American soil,not only as a younger country, freest of damage engendering history, overflowing with rich and generous producer sap ferments, but because the strggle made him tough, determined, and called for the development of all active forces.

The seed had been in Europe; America came the ripe fruit.

With that momentum peersonality of modern women she develop rapidly, growing free the couplein dignity and authoriry, although otherwise intend critics with demonstrations of independence respectable, imbalances ofa smallnumber of women, who, like Maty Martin says: " Hide undder the cloak feminism behavior of the most misleading or an eccentricity of bad law. Under the false pretext of emancipation it. They give free rein to their strage customs and their whimsical fantasy". it isn't about censoring or discuss whether they right or wrong. That we can say is that their behavior has nothing to do with feminism; and leveraging knowingly unserious argument and nothing loyal,those who shout to them: " What they see that example give feminoists?". But feminism is something more serious. His fire lit in the world to boost economic needs who raised their flames, fanned by the pain and suffering of female slavery.

He had been checking al over time, hardly aware, an evolution in the family and in economic conditions of nations, and certainly not under the influence of women.

He disappeared almost completely, a type of organization family with in which, although it lacked rights, women felt morally protected. Hardly exist and those households that sheltered near the dim light oil, a loving family, whose head protected many women linked him a family relation ship, y far it was.The women always found shelter in those households was standard of conduct. It had fulfilled it's economic needs. They hadn't yet penetrated their concerns and ambitions spirit and resigned himself to the routinee life.

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Francés. José Rafael Cazorla Ayala, Alumna del IES Alhamilla. 4º ESO, asignatura Ciencias Sociales, curso 2015-16. Hasta el último punto y seguido de la página 8.


la transformation sociale. - Origine du féminism - Son divers tendencias.-Sens Féminisme moderno. Justice à proclamation du droit humain sans distinction de sexe.

Est faite sous nos yeux l'un de cesdes changements profonds qui transforment la société et dont seulement réaliser ceux qui souffrent choc des nouveaux éléments qui traînent tousqu'il avait servi de base pour l'élaboration des idées et sentiments.

Si les débuts du christianisme a marqué une nouvelle. Il était, et la Révolution française est le début d'une age, on ne peut douter que le Grand Ghierra que Sculpté en 1914, il commence une nouvelle période historique riche et supprime profondément les principes et les coutumes.

Nous sommes dans le moment bascule plus est construit; dans lequel les matériaux anciens sont pris pour construire avec eux et les mains défaisaient le bon moment pour se préparer contre une Porve n'essayant de rompre avec le passé, dans un desboi commandement, plus impétueuse plus sont. Les obstacles qui s'y opposent.

Dans la confusion, l'imprécision, dans laquelle tout est agité avec soif insatiable pour le renouvellement qui accompagne l'humanité tout au long de sa pégrimage sur le terrain, la femme semble troublé, plus intensément parce qu'il est en elle Ruder la transformation. Il y a quelque chose dans la femme malade à dans lequel les deux cataractes et la bande de poudrage plein soleil, laissant exposé à l'éblouissement et la cécité.

Bien qu'il y ait déjà une grande majorité des femmes préparé pour la mission sociale dans le monde l'après-guerre devrait jouer, vous avez besoin d'un grand soin de ne pas gâcher le fruit sur ce le temps d'adapter, nous pourrions dire transplanté vous, où que l'arbre perd ses feuilles et conserve les bourgeons ont à donner de nouveaux foyers, femme devrait perdre litière fausses idées préconçues, idées fausses et les coutumes arbitraires, en préservant la noble et essentiel qu'il y ait dans la nature, qui est une véritable orientation.

La base est dans la loi, dans la proclamation de la "L'égalité des droits".

Les douanes ont beaucoup évolué en faveur les femmes. Il est nécessaire que les codes fonctionnant selon les coutumes et ne sont pas destinés ils donnent la vie des textes encore fixés.

Vous pouvez dire que nous traversons une période analogue aller aux femmes romaines lorsqu'elle est faite dans le douanes un degré de liberté, d'égalité avec l'homme et même prépondérance, qui ne sont pas plus rado même les Etats les plus féministes de l'Amérique du Nord.

Ils ne sont pas inquiets de la situation dans le codage vont pas discuté; il était toute action et féminisme nous pouvons appeler pratique, mais tous disparu avec le Empire sans laisser de trace. l'influence de fané coutumes et était seule loi écrite, qui a timbre à l'occasion servi femmes esclaves depuis tant de siècles.

Il est nécessaire que la liberté a gagné dans le coût. Toms est garantie par les lois. Doit être réglé de façon définitive le véritable concept de la foi Déterminisme.

Peu de doctrines ont été battus et ainsi incompris.

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La_mujer_moderna_creo_expectativas. Colombine.

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